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Influencer marketing redefined

We combine our strong technology platform with relevant data and the right strategy to enable brands to launch and execute influencer marketing campaigns at scale

All that you need and more

Winkl's platform and its diverse influencer network enables you to achieve your various business objectives by leveraging influencers at scale

Reach and brand awareness

Social media engagement

Content creation

App installs, signups & traffic

Product trials & feedback

Offline event promotions

Go deep into social communities

Winkl's influencer network enables you to penetrate deep into social communities that are hard to engage with otherwise

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These are our top cities. If you want to reach out to customers in other locations, please get in touch with us.

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The science behind the art

Winkl's platform enables you to shortlist the most relevant influencers, measure RoI and track real-time campaign performance. All this, at scale. Achieve your various business objectives by leveraging influencers at scale

Measure RoI across campaigns

Real time campaign performance tracking

Tested strategies to ensure high impact

Scale your campaigns, not your work

Highly relevant influencers

Data driven approach to influencer marketing

Across platforms and beyond

Our influencers have a strong presence on the platforms where your customers are the most active


Active influencers across 12+ categories

71 million

Audience reach across platforms


Average RoI delivered across campaigns


Influencers in database

23.7 million

Reach delivered to brands


Monthly growth rate of active influencers on Winkl

Some of the magic we have created

We have helped top brands in India leverage influencers to achieve their business objectives

Here's how it works

A single dashboard to launch, manage and track campaigns

Create new


Send content brief
to influencers

Influencers accept &
campaign goes live

Track performance in
real time

Let's change the way you do influencer marketing

Feel free to get in touch to get started or if you have further questions

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How can I get a campaign started?

Please reach out to us on so that we can help you figure out the right budget based on your objective. Post this, we roll out the campaign on the Winkl app, invite applications from influencers and get the campaign started.

I have a fixed budget, what will I be able to achieve with that?

For a fixed budget, we can give you an estimate of the expected performance across platforms. Please get in touch with us on

How does the process work?

Once we finalise on objectives and budget, the campaign is largely automated. We roll out applications to influencers on the Winkl app, shortlist based on metrics, share campaign brief and get the campaign started.

What should be my minimum budget?

We would ideally recommend a minimum budget of Rs. 1 lakh to ensure that the campaign has impact. However, if you have something else in mind, please get in touch with us at

What kinds of influencers do you have?

We have influencers across more than 15 categories such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, gaming, entertainment etc., who have audiences on platforms such as Instagram, Youtube & Tiktok.

What are the various use cases your influencers can be leveraged for?

You can leverage influencers for various use cases such as content creation, brands awareness and reach, driving website visits & app installs.